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WebFaced application won't run

We believe we have WebFaced an application, but it won't run. The main screen comes up with the two options: launch in the main browser or launch in the new browser. We select the main browser option, and it waits around for a bit and then stops -- no errors. The new browser option opens a new browser and then closes -- no errors.

However, when I look on the iSeries, I find lots of 'dumps'. The main one being a QPPGMDMP that has a CPF4182 error during open of SRDPLCTD2, which is my DDS for the application I'm trying to run from the browser. The application runs fine from a 5250 session, and the source code was sent to a different iSeries, WebFaced there and it works OK on 'that' iSeries. We suspect that there is a problem with our WebSphere server settings.

Can you assist me with this problem? I'm running OS/400 V5R1, WAS 3.5.5 and WDT V5R1 SP5. We believe all PTFs are up to date.

Note: We can run the "hello world" servlet suggested in the WebSphere configuration Manual.

I can't solve your problem, BUT it doesn't appear to be WebSphere. IF the program dump you refer to occurs in the RPG program executing (my guess is that's the case) NOT in the WebSphere server instance, the problem is with the DDS, matching RPG program etc.

To verify it is not WebSphere, check the WebSphere logs (make sure logging levels are set high --to 3).

I suggest you check the PTF levels of WebFacing's required PTFS (not just WebFacing, but the related ones - ss1, jv1, as3 etc).. I assume from the error, the RPG is starting and failing and this message is from that joblog. Are there any other related messages in the joblog?


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