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Ways to improve response times

Since I'm managing an iSeries with approximately 1,500 simultaneous users on 5250 screens, good response time is a priority. When we watch response time increasing, and apparently there are no signs of what is doing that (usual users, usual jobs running, etc.) where can we find the reason? And what can we do to bring back those response times to OW values. (I'm running iSeries 830, 4200 CPW 1150 CPW Interactive, 12 GB memory, 2.5 TB disk.)
System performance is affected by many things. Look for users running queries in QINTER or any other interactive subsystem. These should be run in batch subsystems. Use the WRKACTJOB command to determine what jobs or tasks are running at the time you notice a response time problem -- research any job or task in question. If a specific application is using a lot of CPU, have the developers check the program to see if it is up to the newest optimization standards. If you need further help, IBM offers a wide range of performance assistance to customers.


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