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Visio and overlays

Can you direct me to an overlay expert? We created a document in Microsoft Visio and saved as a jpeg and also as a tiff file and uploaded both to the iSeries to create an overlay. When we printed file using the PRTAFPDTA command, the document came out fuzzy. We used printer driver afp3812 and afp600 but with no luck -- we had the same results. We are using Windows 2000 to create file on PC side. We have created other docs. outside of visio (excel, etc.) and created jpegs/tiffs and uploaded and they came out fine (using windows 98). Do you think this is a 98/2000 issue converting to as/400 or could it be a Visio issue when it converts to a JPEG?
JPG, or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), is one of the two most popular image formats used on the Internet. It is optimized for photographs and other continuous tone images, but does not do very well with line art, screenshots, cartoons and other high contrast images. It provides variable compression. The compression loses some of the original data, but does so by exploiting the fact that small changes in color are less noticeable than changes in brightness. It does not support transparency or layers. Chances are that Visio is creating a JPG using less than true 24 bit high-compression format.


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