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Viewing the job log of an *ALLOBJ user

ISeries security expert Carol Woodbury explains how a non-*ALLOBJ user can view the job log of a user with *ALLOBJ access.

If a user has *JOBCTL in his profile and is able to view an interactive joblog, what prevented him from looking at the ODBC (QZDASOINIT) joblog? Which special authority does he need to view the job log? After we looked into it further, we found this login can view job log for some QZDASOINIT jobs but not others.
The user running the ODBC connection (the QZDASOINIT job is an ODBC connection) probably had *ALLOBJ special authority. Normally, you must have *ALLOBJ special authority yourself to be able to view the job log of a user with *ALLOBJ. However, if you open iSeries Navigator and right click on the system name, one of the options you'll see is Application Administration -- click on that. In the next window that appears, click on the Host tab. Open i5/OS->All object -> Access job log of *ALLOBJ job. Using this facility, you can say that any user with *JOBCTL can see the job log of an *ALLOBJ user. If you don't want to open this up to all users with *JOBCTL, then customize the access and select the users for whom you wish to enable this function.

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