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Viewing old backup tapes in the BRMS catalog

We are new to BRMS and can't figure out how to get our old backup tapes into the BRMS catalog. We want to enter...

the tapes labeled "Month End Save" (24 months of tapes)into a control group and then run a report or screen inquiry and see the old ones and the new ones created since BRMS was installed. How do we do that? I believe you want to use the ADDMEDIBRM command. Here is the HELP text from this command:

The Add Media Information to BRM (ADDMEDIBRM) command adds file level detail to the BRMS media inventory content volume information. The files and the volumes that contain them can be from another tape inventory or from some other outside source. The purpose of the command is to allow user applications or another volume management system to insert data (volume file descriptions) into the BRMS media contents information so that the volumes and their contents can be managed. The volume for which you are adding content information must exist in the media inventory and the volume, file sequence and volume sequence must be unique in the BRMS media inventory contents information. Multiple volumes will write a media information record for each volume with the volume sequence being increased as the records are added.


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