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Verifying a backup is complete

I am new to the iSeries. We have our system set up to back up certain libraries at certain times and this works...

fine. When I have a request to backup a library, I perform it manually. What is the best way to verify that I have everything on the tape that I wanted to backup? What log can I look at, or does running a manual backup create a log?

You can create a log while doing the backup. Depending on the method used, you can request output of information being backed up. On the SAVOBJ and SAVLIB commands, you can hit the F9 key to get all of the options. You will find the option for OUTPUT. This parameter can be *NONE (the default), *PRINT or *OUTFILE. If you just want the listing, use *PRINT. You may also specify what type of information to list. The options are *OBJ, *ERR, *LIB, *MBR. *OBJ will list objects being saved. *LIB will list the libraries saved. The *OBJ will list objects saved. *ERR will list any errors found by Library/Object/Member where an error was encountered. If you want to programmatically verify what was backed up, you can use *OUTFILE and read the file you specify with a program. Alternatively, you can do a DSPTAP or DSPSAVF to list the objects that are located on the tape or in the save file once the save has completed.


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