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VeriSign SSL certificate for secure Web access

This user is receiving an error while using VeriSign SSL certificate for secure Web access. Security expert Carol Woodbury offers some advice.

I used DCM to import a VeriSign SSL certificate into our *SYSTEM store. It shows up in the list of CA certificates and validates properly. However, when I go to assign this certificate to an application, I get the message "No certificates exist for this certificate store." What did I miss?
Since I can't observe the exact steps you're taking, the things I would check is to make sure you have really imported it into the system store (however, I'm sure you've already thought of that one.) Then when you go into DCM, make sure you have specified the certificate store you want to work with BEFORE you attempt to assign the cert to the applications. It may be defaulting to work with a certificate store that doesn't contain your imported cert.

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