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Using two different authorization lists

I have a physical file with a logical file on that physical file. Is it possible to put different authorization lists on the physical and logical files? I have tied different lists to each but when the users (with ODBC) try to connect to the logical file; they get an error saying that they do not have access to the physical file.

Is there something on the CRTLFM command that will remedy this, or does the fact that the logical is just a view require that users have access to both?
I don't believe that the issue is that you're trying to use two different authorization lists. I believe the issue is insufficient authority to the underlying physical file. To access a file via a logical file the user must have the same data authority on the logical file as they do to the physical file. What some people do is grant a specific group profile or perhaps *PUBLIC authority all data rights to the physical file, then grant the corresponding data rights to the logical file. Do NOT give *OBJOPR authority to the physical file as that will let the user access the physical file directly.


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