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Using the notification function of Advanced Job Scheduler

ISeries backup and recovery expert Ken Graap explains how to use job scheduler to send notifications using the Change Notification Command.

To use the notification function of Advanced Job Scheduler, you need to specify a mail server. The mail server is used to send e-mail notifications. Is it possible to set up without using iSeries Navigator (Work Management)?
The way the job scheduler handles notification from a green screen interface is by passing it off to another products command.

The only changeable value I know of is Option 6 from the JSSYSCTL menu (GO QIJS/JSSYSCTL)

JSSYSCTL                       System Controls                                
                                                            System:   S02

Select one of the following:

  • Start monitor
  • End monitor
  • Change system controls
  • Work with function authorities
  • Change job authority
  • Change notification command
  • Work with OS/400 job schedule entries
  • Reset jobs
  • Start console monitor

    This will prompt the Change Notification Command (CHGNFYJS).

    In this example I have told the job scheduler to send notifications using the following command:
    Change Notification Command (CHGNFYJS)

    Type choices, press Enter.

    Notification command:

    I would think that you could use any command you wish as long as you pass the parms &RCP and &MSGTXT.

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