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Using the function of MAX

We're running into a problem when we use the function of MAX; we should get the same result whether we use 'TRD' or 'trd', but we're getting different results.

SELECT lang, MAX(version), filepath FROM tcverctl t1 WHERE version= (SELECT MAX(version) FROM tcverctl t2 WHERE t1.app='TRD' AND t1.app=t2.app AND t2.effdate<=CURRENT DATE AND t1.lang=t2.lang) GROUP BY lang, filePath

What is the problem, and what can we try next?

The only way that the search argument t1.app='TRD' would also find instances of 'trd' would be the usage of national language sort sequences. If you were getting this desired behavior with 'TRD' and 'trd' before applying the Database Group PTF and then the behavior changed, you need report this as a defect to IBM Support.

If you're not using sort sequences, than you would have to change the query (ie, UPPER(t1.app)='TRD') or sort sequences to have the query select rows with either 'TRD' or 'trd'.


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