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Using the SNDDST command to e-mail extraction data

I am using the SNDDST command to e-mail extraction data. If the file is too large it will not e-mail. Is there a file size limitation in the iSeries, or is this issue cause by my e-mail system?
I do not believe there is a file limitation. However, given the limited amount of information you have provided, it could be that your massage line is too long (256 characters) or it could be caused by your e-mail system limiting the size of e-mails going out. I would suggest that you try to e-mail the file directly from your e-mail program and see if it is stopped. If it is not, then check the length of the message that you are sending.

Additional comments from Search400.com member Eldon Dobring:
"We ran into a very simular problem. Our e-mail files sent via SNDDST were being truncated. IBM had us issue a command called CHGPOPA and change the Message split size to *NOMAX. This resolved our problem."


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