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Using the CPYTOPCD command to transfer files

We are using CPYTOPCD to send a file to shared folders. We then move the file to our "operator" PC, and open a command window. Next we run a "Dial-Up Networking" script to establish a connection to a server, and then we run a batch program on the PC to call a FTP script to transfer our file.

Could this be done from the iSeries using our ASCII port to establish the connection and then running FTP from the iSeries? We are basically doing an IP FTP transfer process, but because of security we need to establish a dial-up connection before sending the file.
Is there any reason why you don't want to let the PC user directly run the CPYTOPCD command to do the file transfer? The reason I am asking is because if there are no security reasons, this process can be streamlined so that the PC user can run the command and open the document on his PC -- without having to worry about FTP transfer process. This can be as easy as running the command and then going to the QDLS folder in navigator to access the document.


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