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Using the 3570 backup unit automation more efficiently

We have a new 3570 C11 backup unit. We would like to duptap 1 set (consisting of 2 cartridge) of this backup unit to the cassettes of 6390 backup unit. Is automation possible? How we can use 3570 backup unit automation more efficiently? May I have your recommendations and advise on this subject?

Automation is possible with the D/T3570 DUPTAP to the D/T6390. The difficulty is to know which volumes need to be copied. To copy 2 tapes and there are only 2 tapes loaded into the D/T3570 magazine, automatic mode will assist in automation for getting the tapes. To automate the process, the job scheduler would be helpful. If there is a need to do this after a backup job and it needs to be done prior to personnel showing up in the morning, a CL program would be the way to go, there are some messages, which can be monitored for prior to the start of the job, the setup of that would either be done on your own or we could assist in setting up the CL through a separate, consult line contract.

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