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Using sndpgmmsg

We typically use sndpgmmsg in the following manner to send status messages. The messages are not displaying at the bottom of the screen like they have in the past. In early October we moved from V4R3 to V4R5. But these messages were still working until recently.

If these messages are in and interactive HLL (RPG/RPGLE/COBOL/C)... and you are using an externally described display file, you need to make sure that you have OVERLAY in the Subfile Message Control record and a single record format for ASSUME with a single output field.

     A          R ASSUME                                  
     A                                      ASSUME        
     A                                  1  3' '            
     A          R MSGSFL                    SFL               
     A                                      SFLMSGRCD(24)     
     A            MSGKEY                    SFLMSGKEY         
     A            MSGQUE                    SFLPGMQ(10)       
     A          R MSGCTL                    SFLCTL(MSGSFL)  
     A                                      OVERLAY         


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