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Using group profiles from the iSeries to the NT

I'm experimenting with QNTC. I have, with the help of my NT friends, successfully accessed an NT subdirectory from the iSeries 400.

Is there a "group" authority concept between an iSeries and NT box? In my case, we're running SAP on the iSeries. An SAP transaction could run on any of several SAP "instances." Each instance has an iSeries user ID: PRD10, PRD11, etc. These are all members of a group "PRDGROUP." Can I define "PRDGROUP" on the NT box and inherit that authority through the rest of the instance user IDs, or do I need to define each of the instance user IDs on the NT box?

As far as I know there is no way of using generic or group profile from the iSeries to the NT via QNTC (nor can you work and be authenticated to NT active directory.)

The reason is the logon mechanism the iSeries 400 uses retrieves the current user and the encrypted password and then goes to the NT. Therefore, there is no way to "map" iSeries user names to NT user names.


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