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Using exit points to manage SQL requests

I am trying to determine if there are any specific exit programs I can use to limit user abilities within the interactive...

SQL on the iSeries. I need to limit some users from being able to insert/update/delete database files while not shutting them out of SQL altogether. I was hoping there was a single exit point I could use. Unfortunately, there is no one exit point that will allow you to manage SQL requests. In addition, these exit programs are not trivial and can change from release to release. To determine what file is being accessed you must parse the incoming request statement. If you cannot manage user access via object authority to the files you want to protect, then I suggest you look into one an exit program software package available from many security software vendors. However, I encourage you to investigate placing object authorities on the files you wish to protect because those authorities will be there no matter what interface the file is being accessed through -- sockets, Web applications such as WebSphere, and command line access, etc in addition to all of the network interfaces such as FTP and ODBC.


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