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Using RUNSQLSTM in a CL program

I'm just learning how to use RUNSQLSTM in a CL program. In my SQL source member I'm trying to INSERT into a file using a SELECT statement and I'm using the function TRANSLATE on one of the fields I'm selecting. When I call my CL program I'm getting error: "IBM SQL Flagging -- Reserved word TRANSLATE used as an SQL identifier."

Is there a way around this? I really like the fact that I can run multiple SQL statements in one call.

Take a look at the "IBM SQL Flagging" parm (SAAFLAG) in the RUNSQLSTM command and make sure the value is set to *NOFLAG (which is the default). If this parm is set to *FLAG, it basically instructs the system to first check to the statement syntax to determine if conforms to IBM SQL syntax. If it does not conform, you will get the error that you described.


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