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Using NetServer without entering a password

I'm trying to map a folder that is in an iSeries located at "//s44r050/qdls/optal", from a network neighborhood. I'm receiving an error message that I need to enter a password, "enter network password to access this resource" but I already have shared the folder and given the authority ("public -- > *all). Do you know what's going on?

To use NetServer without entering a password the PC user ID and password must match a valid iSeries user ID and password or you must configure NetServer to use a GUEST profile.

To configure NetServer GUEST support, the GUEST profile must first exist on the iSeries. It cannot have any special authorities and must be enabled to be used by NetServer. Users will not be prompted for a User ID and password if the GUEST profile is being used for them.

To create a GUEST profile on the iSeries:

On the iSeries command line, type CRTUSRPRF GUEST (or any name you choose) and press the Enter key. This creates an iSeries user ID called GUEST that will be used when anonymously connecting to NetServer file shares.

To configure Netserver to use the GUEST profile, do the following:

1. Open Operations Navigator. Expand the iSeries system that the GUEST profile was created on.

2. expand network

3. expand servers

4. select TCP/IP

5. Locate iSeries Netserver in the list in the right pane, and right-click on it.

6. Select Properties from the resulting menu.

7. Select the Advanced Tab.

8. Click on the Next Start button.

9. Type the name of the GUEST profile that you configured in the space provided for 'Guest user profile'.

10. Click OK on the Next Start window.

11. Click OK on the Advanced Tab. GUEST Support will take effect the next time Netserver is ended and restarted.

If the GUEST connection will be used to access shares that point to the QDLS file system, the GUEST profile must be added to the iSeries System Directory or you will receive an "access denied" message when attempting to access these shares. To add a Directory Entry for the GUEST profile to the iSeries type the following command: ADDDIRE USRID(GUEST YOURSYSTEM) USRD('Guest Profile for Netserver') USER(GUEST).

Windows NT/2000/XP will prompt the user for a user ID and a password if the Windows login does not match a valid iSeries user profile. Windows 95/98/ME does not have the capability to prompt for a user ID. Therefore, unless a NetServer GUEST profile is configured, Windows 95/98/ME users will not be able to connect to NetServer shares unless the Windows user ID and password match a valid iSeries user ID and password.

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