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Using Client Access to do 3270 emulation

My iSeries is running Client Access to do 3270 emulation. Where can I go to find out if Extended data streaming...

is being used by the emulation software? I have a software package that abends when a PC uses Client Access and tries to use that software. The abend indicates that EXtendedds is being used and the software does not support EXtendedds. The Client Access software -- or however you attach to the iSeries -- is going to have very little impact on this problem. It sounds like after you have connected to the iSeries you are using the Telnet command to connect to the mainframe. In this scenario, the OS/400 Telnet Client is going to determine what functionality is supported or not suppoerted. I'm pretty sure your problem is because while the OS/400 Telnet Client does support the 3270 datastream, and will negotiate a 3278-2-E 3270 device type that supports widescreen display, and a few other enhanced 3270 device options. The OS/400 Telnet Client does not support Enhanced 3270 Datastream support. It sounds like your mainframe application is requiring that, and therefore, it won't work when connecting via the iSeries.

If your software vendor agrees that this is what is needed, there is nothing further that can be done, because that option is not supported by the iSeries. In this case, if you are interested please respond back and I can forward you a Design Change Request Form that you could submit requesting that this support be added in a future release of the OS/400 Telnet client.


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