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Using CPYSPLF & CPYTOPCD or FTP gives me a .txt file that doesn't page break correctly brought into Word. Drag & Drop from Operations Navigator (CS Express on V4R4 400) or print to a Client Access Printer pointed at print-to-file PC printer page breaks but doesn't handle overlays like underlining, bolding, and print data substution. Got a tip on how to do both page breaks & overlays?

You can print to a PC type printer directly from the AS/400 by creating a remote outq. If your printer is a network printer, you will need a print server(I prefer Hp Jet Direct) or an Ethernet card in your printer. If your printer is directly attached to a PC that is attached to the network, you can use the PC in place of the print sever as long as you have LPD running(Line Printer Daemon) on your PC.

Assuming that this is network printer:

Step 1. Configure your print server with an IP address.

Step 2. Give your printer a name by adding a host table entry. If you need to setup a net host table entry, they you can do that by typing GO CFGTCP and selecting option 10. If you are planning on using LPD, then this would be the name and IP address of the PC that is attached to the network.

Step 3. Create your outq. This example shows how you would create an outq for an HP Laser Jet 4 printer. CRTOUTQ OUTQ(mylib/LASER1) RMTSYS('Laser1.yourdomain.com') RMTPRTQ('LASER1') CNNTYPE(*IP) DESTTYPE(*OTHER) TRANSFORM(*YES) MFRTYPMDL(*HP4) The RMTSYS parameter is the name that you added to your host table entry in Step 2.

Step 4. Start your output queue with the STRRMTWTR command.

Assuming that you are using LPD:

Step 1. Do steps 2 thru 4 listed above but in step 2 the IP address and name would be the name of your PC.

Step 2. Start your LPD printer program on your PC. You will probably need to purchase this piece of software. There are two types of LPD programs that you will want to consider. If you have a printer that is natively supported by the AS/400, there are a lot of LPD programs to pick from. When I need to use LPD, I personally prefer and use the LPD program developed by Netmanage . If you have a printer that is not natively supported by the AS/400 then your choices are more limited. The only LPD program that I've found in this category is from Mochasoft . The Mochasoft LPD also can handle basic printing but cannot handle Advanced Function Printing.

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