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Using API QtmmSendMail in an RPGLE program

I have problems using API QtmmSendMail in an RPGLE program. When calling I get CPF3C17, which says there's an error with "input data parameter". I have examined all parameters according to the documentation, but I am not able to see what's wrong. The program writes a MIME Header-file to IFS, and this file looks OK.
If the resulting file is OK, I would not worry about the error message. IBM, in its wisdom, lists the error messages in the API documentation, but gives no explanation of the errors or any solutions.

The requirements for the input file are:

1. The headers are all in US-ASCII coded character set identifier (CCSID) 367

2. The file must contain an Internet-ready MIME note that adheres to the standards that are called Request for Comment (RFC).

3. The file must have an 'end of header' statement between the header and the body.


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