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Users authenticate to the App server 400 instead of the imaging 400

We have 2 AS/400's in place. One system runs corporate apps and the other has been designated as our imaging (VI) machine. Is there any way that I can have the users authenticate to the App server 400 instead of the imaging 400? In other words, for the users trying to use VI, I need them to get 'clearance' from the app server 400. This solution will allow the user to maintain only one 400 password/username.

This can be accomplished by designating your AS/400 as a "Secure Location". "Secure Location" is an APPN/APPC configuration attribute. Vary off the APPC connection between your two AS/400"s. Use the WRKCFGL command to change the QAPPNRMT configuration list. Specify that your AS/400 connection is a Secure Location (Example systems S02 and S17):

 ------------------APPN Remote Locations-----------------
           Remote              Remote    Control

 Remote    Network   Local     Control   Point     Location          Secure

 Location  ID        Location  Point     Net ID    Password          Loc

 S17       APPN      S02       S17       APPN                        *YES 

Vary on the APPC connection between your two AS/400's Make sure system value QRMTSIGN is set to *SAMEPRF. After you have made these changes your users will be able to start a session on your image server with the following command:


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