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User space objects in Library QDIRSRV2

What are the user space objects (*USRSPC) in Library QDIRSRV2? I would like to remove some of them if possible. I have approximately 45,000 objects at this time.

The QDIRSRV2 library is used to store publishing information for LDAP. If you are not using LDAP you can delete those *USRSPC objects. I would also recommend turning off Publishing so that these USRSPC objects don't continue to get recreated.

To turn off publishing go into iSeries Navigator:

click My AS400 Connections
right click on your system
click properties
click the "Directory Service" tab
click once on Users
click Details
Uncheck "Publish User information" (note: if it is already unchecked, then leave it unchecked)
click OK
Next, click System once,
click Details
uncheck "Publish System Information"
click OK.

This process should prevent the USRSPC objects from building up.

Also, another thing that could create USRSPC objects is if a TRCTCPAPP is left running. For example, if you do TRCTCPAPP APP(*DIRSRV) SET(*CHK) it will show if that trace is running by displaying your joblog after executing that command. You can check other traces to see if they are running by using that *CHK parameter.

Good luck!


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