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User profile on remote machine needed for TCP/IP

I need to convert from an *SNA DDMs file to an *IP DDMs file. I have a problem with the DDM file when the user does not exist on both iSeries. I receive the error "Authorization failure on DDM TCP/IP connection attempt." The reason code is 5. How do I get past this error without creating another profile on the remote machine? The user does not access the remote machine directly.

With TCP/IP you need a profile on the remote machine. You can either create one that maps directly to the end user or create a generic ID that could be shared by DDM-only users. If you choose to share a user profile for DDM users, then you can use the ADDSRVAUTE command to map the local users to that remote shared user profile.

ADDSVRAUTE USRPRF(lcluser) server(Rdbname) userid(rmtuser)
To get more details on the ADDSVRAUTE command, use the the iSeries InfoCenter.


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