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User being locked out by Windows share on iSeries

Use the the iSeries QSYSOPR message to look for any errors in passwords when running a program on the iSeries that transfers data to a spreadsheet on a Windows share.

We have a program running on the iSeries that transfers data to a spreadsheet on a Windows share. Several users are doing this successfully. We are not using a single sign on, but the Windows and iSeries passwords are the same. This has been working for one user for a long time. Now it has suddenly stopped working for the one user. Windows locks him out every time he tries to run the program.
Please look at the iSeries QSYSOPR message queue (DSPMSG QSYSOPR) to look for any errors. For example:

- The user is disabled on the iSeries
- The user changed his/her password on the iSeries but not on the Windows platform
- The user was deleted from the AS/400

This is all related to the initial login for file share -> Windows transmits a user and password trying to connect, if connection is not possible, failure is detected.

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