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User authorities for running a remote procedure on the AS/400

Running a procedure on another platorm and transferring a file and running a remote command on the AS/400 requires specific user authorities. These don't need to be Admin settings, but certain authorities must be available to make it work.

We have PERL script to transfer file from Windows to AS/400 and run a command (on AS/400) after completing the transfer. The problem is that it uses admin privileges to run the command and requires an admin privileged user to be logged in.

Is there any alternate way of doing the same thing?

Any procedure running on other platorm that requires you to transfer a file and run a remote command on the server (PERL based or not) does not require admin rights, but it should have the following authorities available:
  • User for signon should have *change authority to the target library
  • User for signon should have the parameter "limited capabilities" set to *no.
  • If the AS/400 is using a security package to control remote activities (Such as FTP and remote command) the package should be configured to allow the operation.

So the following user should be ok


TEXT('FTP and remote command user')

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