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Use a virtual directory to move a .bmp file from the IFS to a remote server to run a software packag

If a file needs to be moved quickly from the IFS to another server (Windows or a different AS/400 server) you can create a vitual directory.

We have a software package running on another server. We need to move a .bmp file from the IFS to this server to run their programs.

There is a timing issue - as the file needs to be moved as quickly as possible to the other server. What is the best method to do this? I know FTP would be an option - but is there a better and faster way? Would you be able to provide detailed steps of what that would be?

The fastest way may be via 'virtual directories' but it is dependent on the type of operating system of the other server. If the other server is an AS/400 you can create a virtual directory

Md '/qfilesvr.400/TargetMachine'

If the other server is Windows you can create

Md '/qntc/TargetMachine'

For both, TargetMachine is the name of the target machine (i.e you need to be able to ping it from your AS/400). After the virtual directory is ready just copy the file.

Cpy '/home/myfile.bmp' '/qfilesvr.400/TargetMachine/home/myfile.bmp'

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