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Use QCMDEXC to execute a command via CL

I want to use QCMDEXC to execute a command via CL. I'm using variables to build the command string (&command with a CHGVAR to TCAT everything needed). This works perfectly. I don't however understand how the length variable is determined. Here's an example: I'm starting messenger plus. The command is MPLUS/STRMP. I can build this string perfectly, but don't know how I determine the length of the command. As a result, I don't know what to make the &length parm on the QCMDEXC command.

In your CL, the variable is declared as a fixed length. You can pass the full length of the field, or you can calculate the position of the last character in the string and pass that value. In CL, it is usually easier to pass the full length of the variable.


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