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Usage of the system by different users

I need to collect information of the usage of the system by different users in order to bill them according to the time a user has been logged into the system. Is there anyway I can achieve it through any of the IBM iSeries tools, or are there any other tools available. What does the accounting code field of the iSeries USRPRF stand for?

OS/400 provides a facility for collecting the information you require. This feature is turned on via the QACGLVL system value.

To enable it, you will first need to create a receiver and journal as follows:

CRTJRNRCV JRNRCV(QGPL/JACG00001) TEXT('Accounting receiver')


Then set one or both of the following values for the QACGLVL system value:

*JOB Job resource use is written to a journal

*PRINT Spooled and nonspooled printer file resource use is written to a journal

Data collection will start immediately. Use DSPJRN to regularly dump the journal records into a database file for analysis. There are several third-party tools available for taking this data and creating very useful reports. ASC's Resource Accountant and Jim Sloan's TAATOOLS are a couple of good ones I'm familiar with.

As for the accounting code field on the user profile, setting a value other than *BLANK will include this value in the job accounting data that is collected. This allows you to easily group job accounting data together by accounting code. The CHGACGCDE command will let you set accounting codes within active jobs too.

I've used job accounting since the S/38 days to support a number of system resource charge back schemes. I've found it to be a very easy feature to implement too. Give it a try and see how easy it is to determine "who" is using "what" on your system. Good luck!


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