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Upload Excel files from a PC to the iSeries

I'm looking for the quickest and easiest way to upload Excel files from my PC to the iSeries. It's always easy...

to download from the iSeries to PC excel files, but not the other way. The method I use to upload, which involves creating a DDS, uses Client Access data transfer to download to the PC just to get .FDF. Is there an easier way than this?

I don't think you'll find any OS/400 features that make it substantially easier. To do that, you'd probably need to buy a third-party data movement or replication product.

One approach would be using the CPYFRMIMPF CL command.

1. Define target table with DDS or SQL.
2. Export Excel file into delimited format.
3. FTP delimited format file to your iSeries server.
4. Use CPYFRMIMPF CL command to load the delimited format file into the target table.

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