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Upgrading to a new iSeries 400 machine

We are about to change to a new iSeries 400 machine. We'll back up the old one. Using entire system backup. We know that spoolfiles will not be restored to our new machine. Do you have any smart tip on how to manually or automatically transfer some of them or all of them from the old system? We can connect to the old system via IP (FTP) and also setup a DSTQ between the machines.

It's a piece of cake!

Since you have already setup SNADS DSTQ's between the systems all you will have to do is add a generic directory entry for your new system:

Substituting your system and system node name of course...

USRD('Route distributions to NEWSYS')

Then via the WRKOUTQ command, display a output queue...
select Option 1...
hit enter to prompt the SNDNETSPLF command.

Specify a valid User ID and System Address for the TOUSRID parameter and hit enter.

A 'copy' of this spool file will be sent to the user on the target system and placed in the *OUTQ specified in the users user profile.

With a little bit of work I bet you could even write a CLP that would send a whole *OUTQ to a particular user on your new system. Then you could place everything you want to move in one *OUTQ and send them all at once.

Another tip .... You can use the SNDNETSPLF command to send spool files to users on your LOCAL system too. This is a great way to create a duplicate copy of a spool file.

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