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Upgrading from V3R7 to V4R3

I've just upgraded from V3R7 to V4R3 and am trying to configure TCP/IP. We are going to be coming thru our Windows NT server to get to the 400. My question is, on the TCP/IP configuration menu on the 400 when I am working with TCP/IP interfaces, do I need to list the IP address of our server there? Also, we have a CISCO 2611 router installed for our network. Does that configuration need to be changed in any way to accommodate the AS/400 portion of the network? The error messages I'm getting when I try to connect with client access (CWBC01003, 10061 and 10054) seem to suggest this.

Your interfaces should only include, which is the default for local machine. You then need an entry like to define your AS/400 to the network and to the Internet, if you so desire. You then need a route entry (Option 2 on the CFGTCP Menu) for your AS/400 to find the router. That entry would look something like:

Route            Subnet           Next             Preferred 
Destination      Mask             Hop              Interface 
*DFTROUTE        *NONE        *NONE 
You should have an entry in the Host Table Entry screen (Option 10 on
the CFGTCP Menu) for your local system that looks like:
Internet         Host 
Address          Name        LOOPBACK 
In addition, you should assign an entry for your router (giving it any
name is fine) looking like:
Internet         Host 
Address          Name  CI261101
If you are going to use your AS/400 on the Internet, you should also
have an entry similar to:
Internet         Host 
Address          Name  ESTUDIO400.COM 

You should also check your domain entry to insure the DNS servers are entered.

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