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Upgrading from V3R2 iSeries 400 to V4R5

I am looking for information on upgrading my V3R2 iSeries 400 to V4R5. I have asked our distributor for documentation. Unfortunately, they couldn't locate any. Do you know of a Web site that I can go to for assistance?

A good place to start would be this IBM Web site. You'll find many links here to further information.


  • The IBM planning Web page Richard recommended is good if you are upgrading from current 'supported' software. However, if you are upgrading from older releases, especially V3R2 or earlier, you have a lot more work to do. It is essentially a major platform change. May I suggest the following Web path. Then go to V4R5 infocenter and click on 'related links' in the twisties on the left side of the page. Then click on 'iSeries online library'. Once in the V4R5 library, search for 'powerpc'. It should find the 'AS/400 Road Map for changing to PowerPC'. This is a critical document. Follow it in detail. Emphasize detail or ask you IBM representative for services that can help. Pat Lozano

  • There is a publication out there, AS/400 Road Map for Changing to PowerPC Technology (SA41-5150-05). It can be found on the Online Library web site of IBM or on the AS/400 Information Center: Supplemental Manuals CD (SK3T-4033-00). You used to be able to order 5769-TBU which was the RISC upgrade PTF kit. It included PTFs that you would load on your current V3R2 machine and that manual. The manual would step you through everything there is to do for this migration. Follow the book by the letter, and you won't have any problems. The expert should have mention that you can't go from V3R2 to V5R1. This causes a dilemma for those wanting or needing the newer technology that require a minimum OS level of V5R1. How do you accomplish that migration? (I have my ideas). Is IBM's plan to leave those V3R2 people behind or do they have something else in mind (other than soaking them for extra services)?? Patrick Andrade


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