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Upgraded to V4R5 and trying to install Client Access Express

We just upgraded to V4R5 and need to install Client Access Express on some PCs. All the info I can find about installing it says to load it from the CD-ROM but we don't have a one for Client Access Express. When I called IBM, they said I don't need the CD and can load it directly from the iSeries 400 . However, I cannot seem to find any info as to how to load it without the CD.

You need to use NetServer in order to map the iSeries 400 as the network drive . You'll find a description here.

When NetServer is up and running do:

1. From the Windows desktop, click Start > Find > Computer.

2. Type in the name of the AS/400 NetServer that you want to use to install Client Access Express.

3. Double-click on the computer name when it appears. This starts the Windows Explorer.

4. Double-click qibm > ProdData > Ca400 > Express > Install > Image > Setup.exe This starts the installation wizard. Step through the wizard and choose which kind of installation you want and where you want to store Client Access Express.


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