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Upgrade path for OS/400

I was told that if you have an AS/400 using V4R4, you must upgrade to V4R5 and then to V5R1. In the past we were allowed to skip upgrades. What are the real facts here?

This is the current upgrade path for OS/400.

From              End of            To               To             To              To              To             To               To
OS/400      program svce      V4R1            V4R2          V4R3           V4R4           V4R5           V5R1           V5R2

V3R2             5/31/00        2/25/00       2/25/00      12/29/00       5/31/01       7/02/02          -                   -      
V4R1             5/31/00             -            2/25/00      12/29/00      5/31/01       7/02/02          -                   -     
V4R2             5/31/00             -                -           12/29/00       5/31/01       7/02/02          -                  -     
V4R3             1/31/01             -                -                -             5/31/01       7/02/02          -                  -     
V4R4             5/31/01             -                -                -             5/31/01       7/02/02      With. date        -     
V4R5            12/31/02             -               -                                                    -            With. date    With. date
                                                                                                                                  TBA             TBA
V5R1             5/31/03             -                -                -                 -                -                 -              With. date
V5R2             9/30/04             -                -                -                 -                -                 -                  -   

To use the table, locate the release the user is currently operating on in the left column. Move horizontally to find the releases that could be directly upgraded to in a single step. A dash in the box indicates that direct upgrades to the release indicated in the column heading are not supported. A date (or "'withdrawal date to be announced") in the box indicates that a single step upgrade to the release indicated in the column heading is available, up until the indicated date. On the indicated date the target release is being or was withdrawn from marketing, and would no longer be available. If all dates in the row are already passed, it indicates that there no longer is a supported means to upgrade from that release. Older releases that are not listed no longer have upgrade paths available.


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