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Updating fields within tables

How can I update a field in table A from table B, matching both Table A.Field1 and TableB.Field1 in SQL400? I have tried this:

Update lib/pffile1 set balance = (select sum(balance) from lib/pffile2 ) where lib/pffile1.ssn = lib/pffile2.ssn

The problem: I'm getting the message pffile2.ssn is undefined.

I think you want to try something such as the following update: pffile2.ssn can only be referenced on a Select statement where that table is defined on the from clause. Your example fails because pffile2 is only referenced on the from clause of the embedded select statement.

Update pff1 set balance = (select sum(balance) from lib/pffile2) where exists (select 'x' from pff2 where pff2.ssn=pff1.ssn)


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