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Understanding the structure of DIR

I want to list all the files and folders in a directory in IFS. I'm using the opendir API. When I compile the code, I'm getting an error message in a variable declation used with DIR. I did some research and found out that the dirent.h file does not contain the definition of DIR. Can you direct me to a place where I can get the structure for the DIR? I am using ILE/C.
Do the following before reading the directory:

 *open directory and retrieve directory handle
C                   eval      dirpath = '/QDLS' + foldername
C                   eval      diroif = diropncon
C                   eval      tablelen = -1
C                   call      'QHFOPNDR'
C                   parm                    dirhandle
C                   parm                    dirpath
C                   parm      16            dirpathlen
C                   parm                    diroif
C                   parm                    tablespace
C                   parm                    tablelen
C                   parm                    errords 


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