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Understanding the WRKACTJOB command

In the WRKACTJOB, which command or program is called when the Option 7 is selected over a job that is in MSGW status?
WRKACTJOB runs QWCCDSAC (Display active jobs). From there, option 7 against a valid job runs QWCSDSMR, probably to handle the job's message queue, and QMHSCLVL, probably to get the second-level text, and so on. There are no useful programs there for you. If you told us what you wanted to do, we may be able to help you. But knowing which programs are being run is not helpful to you at all.

If you want to write some sort of message handler yourself, read up about User Exit programs. You may find a User Exit Point which you can use to trigger your own program when a job sends an Inquiry message.


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