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Understanding script centers on the iSeries

I have a question concerning the various script centers on the iSeries. When I use iSeries Navigator to run a script on the iSeries to create a table, the default authority is the *CHANGE (via CRTPF AUT(*LIBCRTAUT), CRTLIB CRTAUT(*SYSVAL) and system value QCRTAUT). When I use the script center from DB2 UDB for Windows and use the Client Configuration Assistant to attach to the iSeries, the default authority is *EXCLUDE. How is this possible? Can this authority match the system values?

The behavior is different because the SQL script centers are using a different SQL naming convention. If the naming convention is *SYS, DB2 UDB would use the QCRTAUT system value. When the naming convention is *SQL, then public authority is set to *EXCLUDE. This behavior is documented in the iSeries SQL Reference Manual.


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