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Unattended SAVSYS option 21 with BRMS

Can BRMS do an unattended SAVSYS option 21 -- i.e. scheduled?
Yes, The BRMS Redbook (SG24-4840-01) has a chapter on this:

Console monitor function

The goal of console monitoring is to allow the users to submit the SAVSYS job to batch instead of doing it interactively. Previously, SAVSYS, SAVSYSBRM, or STRBKUBRM with *SAVSYS required interactive processing. Now, there is a new option in the STRBKUBRM command. The Submit to Batch option allows you to enter *CONSOLE as a parameter. It also allows you to perform your saves in batch mode. You no longer need to be in the machine room or have an attended environment to perform a system save. However, you must start the console monitoring function on the system console prior to leaving the machine to operate in unattended mode.

This Redbook is available online. Take a look at it for additional information.xc


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