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Unable to connect Client Access to the AS/400

I'm unable to connect my Client Access to my AS/400. When I try to use the CWBPING on the MS-DOS with Client Access V3R2M0 it's successful, but when I make the connection it's still unable to get the communication, then with the Client Access Express V4R5M0 then CWBPING got the error message, which is central client, network file, network print, data access, data queues, remote command, security. The telnet has a successful ping. The returned code is CWBCO1003, CWBCO1011, CWBCO1008 and etc..

We suspect this is a TCP/IP error, because we can use the SNA connection to get the sign-on screen.

I would start by issuing the strhostsvr *all command. The sign-on server seems to be down.

Also, do you have direct access to the AS/400, or via routers or firewall? Some routers may block specific ports needed for client access over the IP.

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