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Trouble with the SNDDST command to e-mail reports to clients

Our As/400 is on a LAN with 3 NT servers. One of the servers is running Exchange Server 5.5. I'm trying to use the SNDDST command to e-mail reports to clients. It appears to work okay, but no one is receiving the email. I think the problem is that the AS/400 doesn't know the IP address of the gateway on the NT box. How do I set up the gateway address on the AS/400?

Enter the CHGSMTPA command at the AS/400 command line.

Note: You must have *IOSYSCFG special authority to use this command.

Press F4 (prompt) to display attributes.

Page down to the Mail router attribute.

Enter the host name of your exchange server.

Press enter.

Instruct the system to forward outgoing email through the mail router. Enter the following command at the AS/400 command line:


Stop and restart SMTP (endtcpsvr *smtp' strtcpsvr *smtp).

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