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Trouble reading a text file

I'm trying to read a text file and add its content to a member. I'd like to access those files (textfile and member) by the IFS. The problem I'm facing now is that I want to create a new member (the check if the member already exist is done), but it fails by returning me a "3021-error (EINVAL-error)" when I'm doing the 'open'-API on the member.

I'm using the following code (free-format):

w_wrfile = '/QSYS.LIB/MYTEST.LIB/FTAR.FILE/L550010.MBR'; 
flags = O_WRONLY + O_CREAT + O_TRUNC; 
fdw = ifs_open(%trimr(w_wrfile):flags:mode); 
if fdw < 0; 
 z_msg = 'error : ' + %editc(errno:'X'); else;  z_msg = 'filed opened well';  ifs_close(fdw); endif; 

Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I think it has something to do with mode-parameter passed to the open-API.

It does look as if it's the mode parameter. You are creating this member in the QSYS file system, which has certain important restrictions. The document describing open() says, for the O_CREAT flag:

"For all other file systems, the group ID (GID) of the file is set to the GID of the directory in which the file is created. File permission bits are set according to mode, except for those set in the file mode creation mask of the job. The S_ISUID (set-user-ID) and S_ISGID (set-group-ID) bits are also set according to mode. The file type bits in mode are ignored. All other bits in mode must be cleared (not set) or a [EINVAL] error is returned."

So your line (mode = S_IRUSR + S_IWUSR + S_IRGRP + S_IWGRP;)looks wrong -- you are setting bits that should not be set for this filing system. Change this line and try again.


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