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Trouble accessing IFS path from Win2k3 server

What to do when an application is published in IFS from Win2k3 server, and users are unable to access the shared folder on AS/400.

We are developing a Web application using ASP.NET that has to copy a file from the Web server (Win2k3) to the IFS in AS/400. The AS/400 people have created a shared folder which we can access when running the application from the development environment. But when we publish the application in IFS we no longer have access to the path and cannot copy or read anything. We're sure it's something to do with the permissions and the IUSR_ user, but we don't know what should be the best solution to overcome this problem.
Not sure how to solve it in the Windows environment, however if it is ok for your requirements, you may decide to enable the guest login to netserver (AS/400 function that gives access to shared folders). This will accept connections with no user to specific shared directories.

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