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Transferring graphics

I am trying to bring down some graphics from the AS/400 to a PC for e-mailing purposes. I can transfer all of the text fine but the only way I have found to get the graphics to go to the PC is to fax it to a PC. Is there a better way to transfer graphics from the AS/400 to the PC. These are overlays of logos that we print on certain documents. We are using CPYTOPCD for the transfers.

If you want to e-mail these and keep them in their current form, you have two options. First, and easiest is FTP. From your PC open a command window and type FTP (Your AS/400 IP Address). Sign on and type BIN to change to binary. Then type CD LIBRARY. Finally type GET FILE.MEMBER and the file is copy to your PC for an easy e-mail attachment.

The second option is to use CA400. After you have selected the LIBRARY/FILE.MEMBER you will need to tell CA400 not to convert the data. Again, you can then attach the file and e-mail.

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