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Transferring from the PC network to an iSeries machine

I need to set up a process to transfer either an Excel spread sheet or an Access database from the PC network to the iSeries. I tried using FTP on the iSeries with the "Get" command but it doesn't work because of our security. It seems that what ever I do has to be set up on the PC side. I need the task to run on a weekly basis unattended.
The question does not mention the exact need:

IF you need to store the MDB or XLS file on the iSeries disks "as is" it is very easy to FTP from the client to the server. The FTP script is like this (ie ftp.txt):

lcd localdir
cd /remotedir
put xls

See Microsoft's Knowledge Base for the exact instruction on using FTP in batch from windows.

This method requires the FTP port on the iSeries.

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