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Transferring data between an iSeries and Sun Solaris

For one of our projects, it is required to do a data transfer between an iSeries and Sun Solaris -- in both directions. Example: To and from the iSeries with Solaris where in Solaris side data will be from an Oracle database. We decided not to go for any third-party tools and prefer to use FTP. Please let us know how this can be accomplished in detail?

As far as getting data to and from a non-AS/400 box, there are at least two easy ways (that are also native to the AS/400 and free) to help you do that.

The first one, FTP is pretty straightforward. You connect to your other machine, you put or get the files and you're done. If you're not familiar with FTP, the Search400.com Web site is full of FTP tips and tricks.

Another source of information is the TCP/IP configuration and reference guide and another option is to type the word help from an ftp prompt. Another way to share data between two machines is to use NFS (Network File System) and this method is especially popular when one of the machines involved is a UNIX system. NFS is native to the 400 and most open system machines, is easily setup and is relatively low maintenance. An NFS drive acts like a shared disk drive between the two systems. From the AS/400, it will look like another directory in the Integrated File System, to a UNIX box it will look like just another directory. When you use NFS, one system will export the drive and the other will mount the drive.

Back to your original question, standard FTP will get the data to and from your two systems. The bigger issue is what do you do with the data once it gets there and that depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For generally exchanging transaction files, comma delimited files are easily produced and read from iSeries and UNIX machines. Using comma delimited files generally requires a second step to format the data into your native file systems. On the iSeries, two native commands help you produce and import delimited files and these commands are CPYTOIMPF(copy to import file) and CPYFRMIMPF(Copy From Import File). If you decide to use NFS, you can use these commands on files residing on the NFS drive.


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