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Transferring an interactive job to the controlling subsystem

While backing up from the console I'm receiving the following error message, "Your job is not in the controlling...

sub system. You must transfer your job in to the controlling sub system before using this option." I'm on V4R2. Can you help me determine why I'm receiving this error, and how to get rid of it?

It sounds to me like you may not be running from your system console. The system console is the twinax device at Address 0 (zero) on Port 0 (zero), and its name is specified in system value QCONSOLE. You may want to check this out.

However, you can still use the device you're signed on to. All you have to do is transfer this interactive job into the controlling subsystem.

The name of your controlling subsystem is stored in system value QCTLSBSD.

Usually it is QSYS/QCTL.

To transfer your current interactive job into this subsystem, use the TFRJOB command like this:


Once you are in the controlling subsystem, you should be able to run the BU process.


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