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Transfer a text file to the database on the AS/400

I want to transfer a text file to a database on my AS/400 without the inclusion of the srcseq and srcdat fields. I only want the srcdta field to be transferred.

The best way to send a text file to an AS/400 file is by using FTP.

1. From the windows issue the command ftp xx.xx.xx.xx where xx.xx.xx.xx is your AS/400 IP address.

2. Enter your user name and password.

3. You will receive ftp session prompt type the following:

 ftp > ascii
ftp > put pcfile as400file

(pcfile = name of the text file on the pc
as400file - as400 file name. file will be created if
not exist)

ftp > quit

You are done. The resulting file on the as400 has the
text only (no srcseq etc). 

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