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Tools for printing a PDF from IFS on iSeries

There are two options for printing PDFs from IFS on the AS/400. One requires a printer that supports POSTSCRIPT printing directly, and the other requires obtaining iSeries Office Integrator from RJS Software.

I want to print a PDF document residing in the IFS on the iSeries. I want to print it from the iSeries. How can I achieve this? In an earlier response from Chip Milosch on the site, he mentioned that there were various tools available in the market to do this. I am not aware of any, so can he provide a list of the tools available.
This boils down to two basic choices. It is possible to read the PDF document and write it to a *USERASCII printer directly. I don't particularly like this because it tends to be a little obscure and you must have a printer that supports POSTSCRIPT printing directly. The choice I would recommend would be purchasing iSeries Office Integrator software from RJS Software Systems. The software actually provides a host of iSeries-PC integration features, of which the ability to request direct printing of an PDF document from the IFS is just one small piece.

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